Succession Planning: What You Need to Know!

"Executive Search Firms"

Currently, there is a ton of turnover occurring in the executive ranks – mainly due to the “Silver Tsunami” and the “Great Resignation”. Because of this turnover, the Executive Search and Recruiting Firms business is booming!

Many of my clients use search firms to fill CEO positions, or other top executive positions. As turnover occurs at your organization, you may need to use a search firm as well!

So, in this Succession Planning: What You Need to Know video, I wanted to highlight some important things to keep in mind when considering search firms, or while using a search firm!

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The Bench Strength Builder™

✔️  Discover The Succession Planning Solution™ Framework and how you can utilize that to develop prepared successors.

✔️ Learn the steps to create a complete management succession plan for management positions at your organization.

✔️ Know the things you need to do at your organization to ensure you have bench strength and are prepared for the future!

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