SUCCESSIONapp® – two solutions in one software application.

Board and Management succession planning is easy with SUCCESSIONapp®, a user-friendly web tool that helps you create a foolproof plan for your future. This powerful tool can assist you with board succession planning, management succession planning, or both! You choose.

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SUCCESSIONapp® receives 4.8 Stars!

SUCCESSIONapp Receives 4.8 Stars
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Board Succession Planning

Develop a Board Succession Plan that enables you to…

  • Have a board that embodies all your critical competencies.
  • Always have qualified candidates available for service on the board.
  • Have seamless transitions when director openings occur.
  • Identify your future board leaders.

Management Succession Planning

Easily create Management Succession Plans that ensure…

  • You have bench strength in the event of a sudden or planned departure.
  • Leaders are motivated to stay by providing planned development opportunities.
  • Leaders have critical leadership capabilities and are ready when turnover occurs.
  • You get a complete picture of your organization’s bench strength/gaps.
  • Accessibility to your plan on a secure site at any time, on any device.
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