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News: SUCCESSIONapp® Makes Creating Successor Development Plans Even Easier

Madison, WI – December 12, 2019 – SUCCESSIONapp, LLC has added a powerful new feature to its succession planning software platform, that provides a library of sample action steps to make creating development plans for executives even easier.

“The most difficult step to building a good CEO/Management succession plan is creating development plans for potential successors. This is where many of my clients get stuck. To make it easier, we have now added a library of action steps for each suggested competency. Users can use one of the action steps in the library or write their own”, said Evers.

Early users of the new feature are saying, “This feature makes the process of creating development plans so easy. Even if you are not going to use one of the action steps in the library, it gives you ideas of what to write, reducing the time and energy needed to figure out what you want to say”.

To learn more about SUCCESSIONapp® and our new feature, visit or contact us for a free demo at

About Us

SUCCESSIONapp, LLC is the leading provider of online CEO and board succession planning solutions in the credit union industry. The mission of the company is to help executives and board members create succession plans to ensure smooth and successful transitions. Yvonne Evers, the Founder & CEO and of the firm has successfully worked with hundreds of credit unions over the past 25 years. Visit to learn more.