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News: SUCCESSIONapp® Now Offers Automated Board Leadership Succession Solution

Madison, WI – October 26, 2018 – SUCCESSIONapp, LLC announces an enhancement to its succession planning software platform, SUCCESSIONapp® that ensures smooth transitions in board leadership.

“There is a lot of turnover taking place in credit unions right now, not only at the executive level, but on boards as well. We have a proven solution that simplifies director succession planning and has helped many credit unions over the last several years anticipate when director openings will occur, and what expertise to look for in future board members. Now, we are rolling out an enhancement to the online software that will help credit unions answer the question, “Who will lead the board in the future?” said Evers.

Mary Beth Spuck, President/CEO of Resource One Credit Union, stated “My board of directors has used SUCCESSIONapp® for a few years to anticipate when board openings will occur and to determine the skills that they are looking for in new board members. Yvonne rolled out the Board Leadership module at the perfect time for us. Implementing it at our credit union right before our Annual Meeting helped make the board aware of directors who were interested in leading the board and ensured a smooth leadership transition.”

To learn more about SUCCESSIONapp® and our new Board Leadership Module, visit or contact us for a free demo at

About Us

SUCCESSIONapp, LLC is the leading provider of online CEO and board succession planning solutions in the credit union industry. The mission of the company is to help executives and board members create succession plans to ensure smooth and successful transitions. Yvonne Evers, the CEO and owner of the firm has successfully worked with hundreds of credit unions over the past 25 years. Visit to learn more.