Clients Give SUCCESSIONapp® 4.8 Stars!

Read what actual clients have to say about the software.

“It provides the credit union with an easy to use software allowing for an ongoing, tangible framework to help efficiently manage big-picture, long-term Board Succession planning. In prior years that had been almost an afterthought or a once a year, narrow and manual exercise of determining of who is up for re-election at the credit union’s elections of Board Members at their Annual Meeting.”

“It has been very helpful to my Board for planning purposes. The Directors complete the form annually and we are using the report to see where we will have potential gaps. We are now recruiting for those future gaps.

“It helps to get the process in motion. Still working on getting the team to follow through.”

“SUCCESSIONapp® has allowed us to organize a plan in the event we need to replace specific positions. It has gotten leaders thinking about potential successors and identify gaps we may have.

It gives us clarity and is essential for planning the future.

“It would help us to have reports by position or consolidated that can export to Excel that include individual rating, development needs, progress from yr to yr.”

“One of the challenges facing our Board of Directors is our aging leadership. With today’s technologies changing at breakneck speed, it is critical that we prepare our Board for the future. For example, this year we’ve added future expertise needed in the areas of Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence skills, board diversity, etc. SUCCESSIONapp® allows us the tools we need to force our board members to make those difficult decisions on when one should decide to step away from the board and allow room for younger, a more diverse and potentially technologically skilled leadership to be added to our Board of Directors. Our goal is to use SUCCESSIONapp as a recruitment tool for the future of our Credit Union.”

“It is critical for boards to think about board succession planning and this tool helps make it a priority.

“It is robust and easy to use.”

“The SUCCESSIONapp® allows us to reduce the complexity of succession planning. The process is continually updated and provides a solid base for our organization.”