Be Prepared: CEO Succession Planning Simplified

Watch a video of our most recent live session where I will explain:

  • Why you need a CEO succession plan NOW!
  • The elements of a good succession plan, including the three critical elements that most are missing.
  • How to easily create a CEO succession plan that:
    • Simplifies the succession process.
    • Produces qualified successors ready to lead.
    • Reassures the board of directors by providing a plan of action for future CEO transitions.
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How Prepared Are You For Management Turnover?

Because… Retaining Top Talent Is A Key To Success!

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Are You Leaving Your Board Succession to Chance?

Watch a video of a live session where I will explain:

  1. What can happen when you don’t have a Board Succession Plan.
  2. How to easily create a Board Succession Plan that enables you to…
    • have a board that embodies all of your critical competencies.
    • always have qualified candidates available for service on the board.
    • have a seamless transition when director openings occur.
  3. How to find the board members you need.

What’s your Board’s “Succession Planning Readiness Score”?

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