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Celebrating 10 Years of Succession Planning with SUCCESSIONapp®!

An Idea is Born
A laborious Word and Excel process for succession planning is turned into a software.
A Workflow chart that is meant to illustrate how succession planning was done on paper before SUCCESSIONapp®
Software Launches!
SUCCESSIONapp® is rolled out as an easy-to-use software solution for board succession planning.
New Module - CEO Succession Planning
CEO succession planning module is developed and available. Both Board and CEO modules are available on the same platform.
Intuitive Step-by-Step Flow Succession Planning Software
New Functionality - Management Succession
Increased security and separate user profiles are added to the CEO module to allow use for all management level positions.
New Functionality - Board Leadership
Board leadership succession planning is added to the software.
New Feature - Diversity Goals
Ability to add diversity goals added to the board module.
New Feature - Development Plans
A library of action steps is added to the management module to make creating development plans easier.
Development Plan
New Feature - Electronic Intentions Forms
Manual intentions and competencies forms for board succession planning can now be completed virtually on any device that can access email. The succession planning module is populated and updated automatically.
Virtual Onboarding and Updates on any device
Team is Expanded
Digital Marketing & Video Production Specialist, Client Success Manager, and Assessments Guru/Executive Coach added to the SUCCESSIONapp® team.
Graphic showing SUCCESSIONapp's new staff
New Functionality - Committee Succession Planning
Board module users can now use the software for committee succession planning.
New Feature - 360 Evaluations
Ability to have 360 appraisals on potential successors added to the management module.
Software Modernization
User interface updated to be cleaner and more modern for our users.
Backend Update
Backend software platform completely updated.
10 Year Anniversary!
10th anniversary of SUCCESSIONapp®
A bunch of multicolored balloons filling up the screen

Our Story

SUCCESSIONapp, LLC was formed to share our unique, transformational online solution for Board and Management Succession Planning with the world, at a time when turnover in these roles is expected to be 50% or more for the next 10 – 15 years.

It is also personal for me.

Over the years, as a consultant, I saw many organizations struggle to find new board members and others who experienced unexpected, rapid turnover with no future planning. As an Officer on the Board of Directors of a large organization myself, I didn’t want this to happen to us!

So, in helping our organization and my clients, I created a system to address these problems through proactive planning and evaluation. The system transformed into one powerful tool called SUCCESSIONapp®.It is transforming board succession planning all over the country.

Boards are preparing for succession rather than just waiting for it to happen. 

But I didn’t want to stop there. I knew that organizations would also be experiencing major turnover at their CEO and other management levels as well because of all the Baby Boomers who are retiring within the next 15 years.

So, I created a platform for Management Succession Planning in the SUCCESSIONapp® software to help organizations be prepared when that inevitable turnover occurs.

Our vision at SUCCESSIONapp, LLC is that every organization has prepared, effective, and diverse leaders.

To your success,

Yvonne Evers Signature

Find out how SUCCESSIONapp® can help you ensure smooth and successful transitions at your organization!