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Pandemic Management Continuity Planning Software

Be ready with planned interim replacements when leaders have to be out.

 SUCCESSIONapp®’s Pandemic Management Continuity Planning Solution will ensure that…

  • You have a plan for the interim replacement of every manager in your organization in case they have to be out of the office.
  • You can quickly and easily communicate temporary leadership changes to your team.
  • Everyone is on the same page, and changes can be made promptly.
  • You have a temporary replacement plan for all managers in your business continuity plan.



1. Identify your interim Replacements

Enter interim replacements for all management positions in sequential order.

 2. Know the Status of all Managers

If managers have to be out of the office, their status can be reflected quickly, and interim replacements assigned.

 3. Generate Valuable Reports

Get the reports you need from anywhere you are – by position title, by department, and organization-wide. An inactive employee report quickly shows you who is out of the office and when they are expected to return.



For management teams with less than 100 management positions.

$500 (Billed Annually)



For management teams with between 100 and 500 management positions.

$1000 (Billed Annually)



For management teams with more than 500 management positions.

$1500 (Billed Annually)