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PEAK Credit Union Board Performance

The NEW Director's Series on the 5 Strategies to Reach the Top!

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Here's What is Included in the Series!

Each strategy includes a video that you and your board can watch whenever you want! The videos range in length from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. In these videos, Yvonne tells stories that relate to the strategy, and gives detailed training so that your board can perform at its PEAK! The five videos cover the following topics:

    1. Accept Nothing Less Than Trust and Respect
    2. Take a Proactive Approach to board Member Succession
    3. Ensure the CEO Compensation Package Shows Value
    4. Plan for the Right Leader
    5. Know Your Board Responsibilities

These Question & Answer sessions are a place for the community to come and get your board governance questions answered. Yvonne has years of experience in the credit union industry and is an expert on all things board governance. If you have a question about how your board can perform at its PEAK, these Q&A sessions will greatly benefit you.

Plus, you receive an archive of all past Q&A sessions. So, you can go back and watch past sessions to see what you can learn from others!

After you have completed the training for each strategy, your board can complete the board self-assessment to evaluate how you are doing in terms of that strategy!

The second edition of Yvonne’s book, “PEAK Credit Union Board Performance: 5 Key Strategies to Reach the Top” is available now. With the series, you get a FREE downloadable copy of the E-Book. Paperback copies are also available for purchase.

Additional resources are also provided for each strategy, including (but not limited to):

  1. Video Transcripts
  2. PDF Assessments and Evaluations
  3. Templates and Outlines
  4. Additional Videos from Yvonne’s “Succession Planning: What You Need to Know” YouTube Series.
  5. and Much More!

Who is the Host?

Yvonne Evers is the founder and CEO of SUCCESSIONapp, LLC, and is a respected board governance expert in the credit union industry.

She has worked with hundred of credit unions over the last 25 years. Her career began in human resources consulting and, more recently, grew into more of a focus on succession planning, executive coaching, and board governance training.

She also served on the board of directors of a large credit union for twenty years, which increased her expertise and passion for achieving credit union success through board member engagement and commitment.

Over the years she has coached many boards on succession planning and board governance. She is passionate about wanting credit unions to be ready for the future, and for all directors to understand their key roles and responsibilities on the board.

Yvonne Evers Headshot - Founder & CEO of SUCCESSIONapp®

Directors Series Pricing

The PEAK Credit Union Board Performance Directors Series is designed as an affordable way for many credit unions to get the valuable board governance training that they need! Therefore, each credit union only has to purchase ONE membership for your board, and the annual fees for the directors series are: 

    • $749/year for Credit Unions < $100M
    • $899/year for Credit Unions > $100M

Interested in Getting Started Now?

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