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PEAK Credit Union Board Performance

5 Key Strategies to Reach the Top!

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Here's What is Included in the Series!

    • 5 On-Demand Videos that cover the key strategies to effective credit union board performance.
        1. Accept Nothing Less Than Trust and Respect
        2. Take a Proactive Approach to board Member Succession
        3. Ensure the CEO Compensation Package Shows Value
        4. Plan for the Right Leader
        5. Know Your Board Responsibilities
    • Quarterly Live Question & Answer Sessions with Yvonne (Plus an archive of all past Q&A Sessions).
    • Assessments which will allow you to assess how your credit union is doing in terms of the 5 strategies.
    • A downloadable copy of the E-Book – “PEAK Credit Union Board Performance: 5 Key Strategies to Reach the Top”.
    • Various other downloadable resources – Video Transcripts, PDF Assessments, Templates, Additional Videos, etc.

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  • $749/year for Credit Unions < $100M
  • $899/year for Credit Unions > $100M

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