"Succession Planning: What You Need to Know"

Would You Interview This Candidate?

The CEO of your company is an extremely important position. So when the CEO of WJH Company announced he was going to retire in one year, the board immediately started looking for his replacement.

In this “Succession Planning: What You Need to Know” video, you will hear a story about how that CEO search played out at WJH company and why it left the board of directors asking “What Just Happened?”

Plus I will highlight some of the issues that come up within the story and give you helpful tips so you don’t ever find yourself in a similar situation to WJH Company.

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The Bench Strength Builder™

✔️  Discover The Succession Planning Solution™ Framework and how you can utilize that to develop prepared successors.

✔️ Learn the steps to create a complete management succession plan for management positions at your organization.

✔️ Know the things you need to do at your organization to ensure you have bench strength and are prepared for the future!

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