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In this FREE Builder, you will discover:

✅ The Succession Planning Solution™ Framework and how you can utilize that to develop prepared successors.

✅ The steps to create a complete management succession plan for management positions at your organization.

✅ The things you need to do at your organization to ensure you have bench strength and are prepared for the future!

Create Bench Strength at Your Organization!

it is important to plan ahead for turnover at your organization. But most organizations don’t have the proper bench strength to ensure smooth and successful transitions when turnover does occur.

I’m Yvonne Evers, founder and CEO of SUCCESSIONapp, LLC I have coached many management teams on succession planning. This is my passion! I want organizations to be ready for the future. And the future includes a lot of turnover in the executive ranks.

With The Bench Strength Builder™, you’ll discover the things your organization should be doing in order to ensure you have proper bench strength so you can have successful and smooth transitions.

This powerful builder has helped my clients ensure that they are prepared for the future! Make sure you aren’t missing out on this incredible resource!

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