"Succession Planning: What You Should Know"

Are your Board Leadership Practices Causing Turnover?

“Til Death Do Us Part Inc.” realized that they needed to start doing board succession planning. They had to start looking for new board members since they would likely be having a ton of turnover in the near future. What they didn’t realize was that their board leadership policy would cause another board member to leave earlier than they expected – resulting in even more turnover!

 In this “Succession Planning: What You Need to Know” video, I will tell you the full story about “Til Death Do Us Part Inc.”. I will explain what their board leadership policy was and how that caused someone to leave before anyone expected! 

I will also tell you some of the issues I found in the story and then give you some things that you could do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Download The Balanced Board Planner - A Scale Graphic on a laptop screen that says "The Balanced Board Planner"

The Balanced Board Planner™

✅  Get examples of board turnover issues and how they are impacting organizations like yours everyday!

✅  Learn how to use the Board Contribution Curve to ensure that your board is completely balanced.

✅  Discover the things your organization should be doing in order to maintain a balanced board and prepare for turnover!

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