"Succession Planning: What You Need to Know"

A Success Story on Board Succession Planning

I want to tell you a story about an organization that I was on the board of, and how we navigated creating a board succession planning policy. Back in 2008, board succession planning was not talked about at all. However, we noticed that there was a bit of graying on the board, so we knew that we needed to start planning for turnover.

The process of coming up with a board succession plan was not easy, but the policy that was created was extremely successful and is still being used by the organization today!

In this “Succession Planning: What You Need to Know” video, I want to tell you the full story and about the policy that was created. I also give you five reasons why I feel like this is a true success story.

Download The Balanced Board Planner - A Scale Graphic on a laptop screen that says "The Balanced Board Planner"

The Balanced Board Planner™

✅  Get examples of board turnover issues and how they are impacting organizations like yours everyday!

✅  Learn how to use the Board Contribution Curve to ensure that your board is completely balanced.

✅  Discover the things your organization should be doing in order to maintain a balanced board and prepare for turnover!

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