Madison, WI – July 23, 2021 – Massive turnover due to retirements and the highly competitive job market have led organizations to try to find leaders from within. Therefore, they need to understand succession planning and how it can work for them.

To help credit unions get the information they need to ensure they have the bench strength to be ready for turnover, SUCCESSIONapp® has created a YouTube series – Succession Planning: What You Need to Know. This series covers all the ins and outs of both board and management succession planning.

Yvonne Evers, the Founder and CEO of SUCCESSIONapp® explained, “I wanted to create a convenient way for boards, executives, and human resource professionals to, not only understand succession planning, but provide them with steps to create succession plans to ensure they are ready for turnover”.

A new informational video from the Youtube series is published every other Monday and can be accessed on our blog here or on SUCCESSIONapp’s Youtube channel.

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About Us

SUCCESSIONapp, LLC is the leading provider of online CEO and board succession planning solutions in the credit union industry. The mission of the company is to help executives and board members create succession plans to ensure smooth and successful transitions. Yvonne Evers, the Founder & CEO and of the firm has successfully worked with hundreds of credit unions over the past 25 years. Visit to learn more.